Land for sale 3395 m²

PTR25352 10173707
169 750 PLN
Price m²: 50,00 PLN

For sale agricultural and construction plot with an area of 3394 m2, in Poczernin, located 14 km from Stargard, 33 minutes by car from Szczecin, 25 km from Goleniów. A town with access to public transport – MPK STARGARD bus, excellent access to the DK 142 expressway. * Plot area 3395 m2 with access to a public road. * Ensuring electricity supply to the plot from the Enea operator. The plot is ideal for investment PLN 50/m2. * Plot width approx. 42 m2 * Plot length approx. 83 m2 * Surroundings: – Forest – River – Shop – 33 min drive to Szczecin Functions of the areas: a) basic: − residential with dominance of single-family housing in various forms: including homestead, multi-family and collective housing; b) permissible functions: − services, − agriculture, − administrative services for the population, − commercial and public services, − culture, education and sport, − technical infrastructure, − landscaped greenery, − publicly available recreational areas, − minimum size of newly allocated plots 1000m2, and in exceptional cases 800m2, and for terraced houses not less than 300m2 – the height of the designed buildings (no more than 2 above-ground storeys in single-family housing and 4 above-ground storeys in multi-family housing, with the second and fourth storey respectively being hidden in a high roof (with slope above 30 degrees), exceptionally, flat roofs are allowed in multi-family housing, however, existing buildings in the vicinity, their parameters and new shaped buildings as a continuation of the existing ones should always be taken into account); − the possibility of using dominants (all elements from the assumed height), provided that they are spatially justified in the landscape; − new divisions of plots, if possible, should be made perpendicularly to the lines separating roads and streets, unless a different division is justified by local conditions; − comply with planning provisions regarding the use of architectural forms and materials referring to the cultural heritage of the region; − for a given elementary unit of the building area of a residential and recreational plot, a maximum of -30% of the plot area is established for the entire area; Recreation function zone – "UT" symbol. Principles of land development: Area functions: − individual recreation development; − guesthouse and hotel buildings; − collective housing development; − individual recreation areas; − mass recreation areas, water sports, development of the plan. − tourist services in cubature facilities. For the function of individual recreational development, the parameters are set as for the single-family housing function with flat roofs allowed. For boarding houses, the following are agreed: − plot development area up to 40%; − size of the plot area adapted to the number of places to stay – not less than 50m2 per person; − maximum building height up to 12 m, up to 3 overground storeys, including one in the attic; − parking spaces to be specified in the local spatial development plan, not less than one parking space per room. For waterside areas, it will maintain general access to water (according to the Water Law). I recommend it because of the location and price. I cordially invite you to the presentation

Price m²
Price m²
Ground ownership type
Lot area
3395 m²
Lot destination
Lot shape
Driveway type
Country road
Water intake
Sewerage type
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