House for sale 216 m²

Warszewo, Zachodniopomorskie
WPN20315 10164654
2 199 000 PLN
Price m²: 10 180,56 PLN

For sale real estate located in a very attractive place in Warsaw in Szczecin. The property is a built-up plot of land with an area of 3122m2, which includes a single-family house with a garage of the area. total area of 216 m2 (usable 145 m2) and an outbuilding with an area of 120 m2. The house dates from 1985 and is built in traditional brick technology. is insulated with polystyrene foam, wooden roof truss, roof covered with metal tiles, PVC windows. Heating and hot water from a gas boiler. The advantage is the photovoltaic installation installed on the roof, which significantly reduces energy bills. In addition, an electric water boiler was installed, which also reduces gas bills. The ground floor of the house is: garage 22.3 m2, hall 4.67 m2, communication 6.15 m2, kitchen 5.5 m2, room 20.39 m2, room 11.76 m2, bathroom 3.39 m2, storage room. economic 2.6 m2, boiler room 8.25 m2. From the corridor, the descent to the cellar is about 10m2. First floor: staircase 7.73 m2, room 17.24 m2, room 15.67 m2, kitchen 3.18 m2, bathroom 4.63 m2 Attic (at the moment as attic rooms): staircase 3.3 m2, attic 18.80 m2, attic 11.82 m2. There is an outbuilding with an area of approx. 120m2 which used to be a barn, today it is used as a garage and a storage room. The plot has the shape of a trapezoid with dimensions: about 45.6 m – from the street side, 21.5 m – opposite side and 106.5 m and 93.4 m. The plot is fenced – from the street side with steel elements on the foundation and clinker brick posts with double-leaf steel gate, from the side of the neighbors the fence is made of mesh on steel posts. Around the plot, along its fence, tall dense shrubs in the form of a hedge are planted, which ensures intimacy. The property is covered with bushes, with many flower beds, carefully landscaped lawns and numerous plantings. Access road inside the property, the so-called the driveway is paved with concrete cubes and partly with stone. In the area where the property is located, the Local Spatial Development Plan is in force, which defines the following conditions for this plot: Single-family housing. Minimum share of biologically active area: minimum 50% of the building plot area. Impassable building lines marked in the plan drawing Maximum building area on a building plot 30% Maximum height of residential buildings 3 storeys above ground, including 3 usable storeys in a steep roof, not more than 12 m up to the ridge Form of buildings – detached Buildings covered with steep roofs Prohibition changes in the composition of the historical building marked on the plan drawing (outbuilding) Direct access to the allocated plots to the public road Prohibition of locating temporary buildings and new temporary development Communication service of the area from the side of the street. Water, gas, electricity supply, sewage and rainwater drainage carried out on the basis of existing and designed engineering networks of utilities in the street. The property is located in a great location and neighborhood. It is possible to divide the plot into smaller areas. The property is very attractive due to its location, available media and huge investment potential. I invite you to the presentation Real estate offer

Price m²
10 180,56
Ownership type
Total area
216 m²
Usable area
145 m²
Price m²
No. of rooms
Number of floors
Building condition
Needs small renovation
No. of balconies
Garden area
3122 m²
Ground ownership type
Lot area
3122 m²
Lot shape
Driveway type
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